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Chairman's Message

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Chairman's Message

I am grateful for your trust in us. I assure you that this message will help you acquaint with our mission and strengthen your trust in us.

Education is a means of a child’s all round development. It is the enrichment of body, mind and soul together. Imparting knowledge can never be the sole aim of education. It is about imparting knowledge and inculcating values simultaneously. Consequently for preparing the child for the real world. The formative years are the most important years of a child when the mind is innocent, whatever we wish to plant can be planted. Most indispensably all good things need to be planted removing all weeds. Our aim is to arouse curiosity which leads to questions. This habit works as a magic wand which can solve all problems. It is well said “Millions said the apple fell but Newton was the one to ask why”. Exactly this quality of being the one of its kind and unique thinking makes a difference. So, our motto is to cater to the needs of a child, identify their inherent talent and arousing curiosity simultaneously. We have not surrendered to the demands of the modern materialistic world but we are dedicated and committed to a child’s growth
Pratik Jindal